Patient testimonials for Dr. Keyzom Bhutti

His Holiness Dalai Lama and Dr. Bhutti

“I really enjoyed meeting and sharing my health concerns with Dr. Bhutti. She is compassionate and highly experienced in Tibetan Medicine. I already see an improvement and look forward to continuing care under her direction. I really appreciate the whole body approach which takes into account mind, body and spirit.”
~Julie K., Little Silver, NJ, USA

“Dr. Bhutti is truly a blessing! Tibetan Medicine has been life saving for myself and my family. We travel quite a bit and so I was grateful to find Dr. Bhutti. I have found Tibetan Medicine to very effective throughout the world. My mother suffers from severe arthritis and travelers with us to help with the kids. I recently brought my mother to Dr. Bhutti for help with her arthritis the treatment, herbal medicine has worked wonderfully for my mom. Within 2 weeks my mother been walking better, more energize and in good spirits. Dr. Bhutti is excellent, caring and patient! I would deficiently recommend giving Tibetan Medicine a try for arthritis pain and other medical conditions.”
~Aa G., Cambridge, MA, USA

“My western Doctors knew that I had pancreatic cancer but that it was not visible on scans because of its location.That is normal, but they could not treat me without a diagnosis for insurance and liability reasons. Doctor Bhutti treated me and it was over, and very quickly. The damage it did caused kidney disease which is incurable in the U.S. and in western medicine. She restored my kidneys so I can live a normal, long life without dialysis. She has become an invaluable addition to my medical care and disproved my skepticism. The diversity of ailments, As well as how effectively she can treat them, is impressive, so don’t get discouraged if you find one thing you have limited success with, like migraines. Western medicine hasn’t figured it out yet either!!! I’ve been a regular customer for 8 years and I use her to maintain and create good health, not just to repair it. I also never anticipated the mental changes. Huge changes in mood and focus, clarity. Amazing! Highly recommended”
~Caristi M., Cohasset, MA, USA

Laura McMasterLaura McMaster
01:21 28 Dec 23
I came to doctor Bhutti with a blockage in my heart and heart diseaseAnd my situation was bleak. I had Many other life threatening health issues. My vitamin D and iron levels and all my other crucial minerals were low or non existent and I was slowly dying. After two months on doctor Bhuttis herbs, My cardiologist was astounded to find during scans that my blockage in my heart was removed and my heart showed excellent circulation. Doctor Bhutti also made all my arthritis pain go away and my torn meniscus does not bother me at work any more.She has also helped me with gastrointestinal issues, and improved my mood and energy. I am more confident and do not suffer from depression or anxiety any longer. My appetite has improved and my digestion and my hair, skin and nails are strong and clear.What’s amazing is how fast her treatment worked. Much of it was immediate but over weeks the transformation was even more significant. My doctors were amazed to find all my vitamin and blood levels had improved to normal levels and I went from slowly dying to being very strong.Doctor Bhutti has been very accommodating and fair when I needed to return to change doses or add new things to the mix. She has also helped my husband immensely and cured his cancer and saved his life from a deadly type of Covid and allowed him to return to work after being disabled by a strong strain of Covid . His cancer also caused kidney disease and she was able to cure that completely so he never had a shortened life or dialysis. She quickly not only removed the kidney disease but was able to reverse necrotic tissue and leave himWith a permanent recovery.He has also found that when he is on her supplements he either never gets sick or Covid is very mild and passes in a day or so and he is able to function fine. The same is true with the flu.We are indebted to doctor Bhutti for saving us dozens of thousands of dollars in medical bills and suffering. Her prices are also affordable because in the Himalayas, medicine is considered a form of wealth owned by the public.
Annette DavisAnnette Davis
15:35 30 Nov 23
Dr. Bhutti is amazing. Friendly, kind, and does magic with her herbs. I had intense knee pain for months that went away in a few short weeks after taking her herbs. I would highly recommend her!
Gabriella StedileGabriella Stedile
16:04 23 Nov 23
I met dr Butthi, several months ago. I had some chronic problems that needed to be addressed. I was immediately taken by her warm welcome, her ability to hear what I was saying even if there was a language barrier. She worked with me for several months changing the therapy adjusting it and even spontaneously calling me to see how I was feeling.The remedies that she suggested worked very well, not only they help managing the chronic symptoms but they worked at a deeper level. Consequently I am now more energetic , alive, with a sense of well being. A true holistic healing!With my deepest gratitude I highly recommend her.
Lindsay HaugLindsay Haug
16:14 09 Nov 23
Dr. Bhutti has helped resolve stomach and sleep issues that I have been struggling with for over 9 years. I never thought that I was going to get relief, but then I started working with Dr. Bhutti and I started to feel instantly relief. She truly is such a special person and doctor, and would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone.
Rosemarie DahlstedtRosemarie Dahlstedt
21:43 22 Aug 23
Dr. Bhutti has been so dedicated in improving the quality of my life. I suffer from chronic pain, fatigue, and GI complications. The supplements that Dr. Bhutti has given me have helped greatly. Less fatigue, less inflammation, and my stomach isn't hurting like it used to. I'm trusting the process, and I know I'm in good hands.
megh rogersmegh rogers
14:17 13 Jan 23
I came to Dr. Bhutti in search of someone to help me heal my chronic wounds on my ankle that would not heal on their own. I had seen a lot of doctors and dermatologists before her. They would wrap up my leg and give me medicine to heal me up, put over time the wounds would reopen. Once, a doctor would even tell me that my injury would never fully go away. Feeling helpless, I did my research and looked for a healer instead. I saw that the reviews were good here, and took my chances and went. I am so glad that I did. I was a bit skeptical at first. When she took her first glance at my leg she told me that she could help me, but it would take many months, and to be patient. I knew that was true, so I wasn't discouraged. The medicine she provides are made from herbs. She gave me crunchy pellets that ultimately detoxes my body from inflammation, which was mainly coming from the infection. She even gave me special herbal powder that she made herself to put on my wounds to draw out the infection and dry it up-- and it's working. It's been a little bit under 5 months since I've been in her care, and while the healing process has been slow, there is a difference. The wounds are disappearing, and the swelling is gone. Dr. Bhutti is very special, she's like a mother. She cares about her patients as people and will do everything in her power to heal them. I am so thankful to have found her.
Glen ChiacchieriGlen Chiacchieri
17:58 01 Nov 22
Tibetan Medicine is the only thing that worked for me! For the past couple years I've had intense chronic pain, digestion issues, fatigue, headaches, and constipation that were so bad I couldn't work and sometimes could barely walk around the neighborhood.I've tried tons of things for these issues — blood tests, urine tests, endoscopy, colonoscopy, probiotics, ayurvedic herbs, supplements, yoga, acupuncture, psychotherapy, meditation. All the medical tests I did came up negative, and nothing else I tried had the immediate and profound effects that Tibetan medicine did for me.When I took the herbs Amchi (meaning Tibetan doctor) Bhutti gave me, my digestion started working so much better, I felt a lot better, and I gained almost 10 pounds in the first month. Recently I was able to eat pizza again for the first time in years without feeling absolutely terrible after. 🤯I am in such debt to Amchi Bhutti. She is so compassionate and has skillfully stuck with me despite my being unemployed and not having much money to give her. She is truly in the profession to serve her patients. Sometimes it can be a little hard to understand what she says because of her Tibetan accent, but that hasn''t been a major issue. And though her office is small and a little dingy, she is actually incredibly qualified, a senior doctor in Tibet.My advice for anyone reading this — try Tibetan medicine! I've found it extremely effective yet also gentle — I've never felt any negative side effects from any of the herbs I've been prescribed and it's the only thing that has significantly helped my chronic health issues.I'd also recommend sticking with it. Initially when I tried Tibetan medicine I felt a little better but many issues were still there so I stopped taking the herbs, not realizing that Tibetan medicine works at a slower pace, gently correcting imbalances that have been created over the course of years and sometimes decades. I guess from my Western upbringing I assumed that healing could only happen instantly or not at all. How pleasantly surprised I am to know that I'm wrong, that slow healing is possible, and that Tibetan medicine can help.
Cymbelene NardoCymbelene Nardo
16:02 12 Sep 22
Dr. Keyzum Bhutti helped tremendously in my husband's prostate cancer. One year ago we went to Dr. Bhutti to see if she can help my husband's condition. My husband religiously took the herbal supplements she prescribed. After one year of taking the supplements with no other prescribed medication from his Urologist, my husband's prostate biopsy showed no cancer cells.
ADC CambridgeADC Cambridge
19:13 05 Aug 22
Dr.Bhutti is amazing, she takes her time gets to know you and is so intuitive. I honestly may never trust any other Dr. again like I do her. Last year I was suffering from irregular mensural cycle and she healed me in 2 weeks . I went to see her again recently bc it had been a year since our last visit and again she made me feel comfortable and like i was in safe hands. Her office is just as bright as her personality and looks as pure as her heart. Always a pleasure.
Julie KayeJulie Kaye
12:05 09 Jul 21
I have had such a wonderful experience with Dr. Bhutti. I have multiple health issues that I'm working on and I see a large improvement. She is such a caring person and very concerned about her patients. Dr. Bhutti is extremely knowledgable and experienced and I feel so lucky to have such an incredible resource to Tibetan medicine in the U.S.
Duffer KinneyDuffer Kinney
17:55 12 Sep 19
Dr. Bhutto helped my Hashimoto's disease to go into remission, present but not active.
Tina PatchTina Patch
12:54 28 Aug 19
Tibetan herbal healers are so human focused. I remember how right in the middle of my treatments I run out of money. Dr Bhutti told me "don't worry about the money, please don't miss any appointment, I will treat you for free until you get back on your feet". I started crying... She prayed and sent me home with my full prescription. 🙏🏽
mark caristimark caristi
21:26 21 Nov 18
They told me pancreatic cancer was incurable. It only took her five weeks to Cure me. American doctors are also not able to treat or reverse kidney disease. She was also able to treat that. I had a broken bone in my hand which was not healing for an entire month and was very painful and she was also able to make it heal up immediately as soon as she came back from India. The list of benefits is just too long. Over the years many times I got new tumors and issues fromPesticides in the past and she removed all of them and then made me so healthy I never got tumors or cancers again. I’ve been free of cancers for half my life now and very strong.Very importantly, I also had covid very badly while she was gone in india. I was disabled with long covid and unable to work, and suffering immensely. As soon as she came back from india she mailed me supplements and my covid was gone and I was back to work and no longer disabled.Doctor bhutti is highly regarded in Tibet and India and Nepal and despite her humble stature, she is actually a renown scholar and doctor and teacher and contributor to medical universities. She is the best of the best. . Her reputation is impeccable and she graduated top of her class.
Renée MurphyRenée Murphy
14:36 17 Mar 18
Dr Bhutti is amazing. She has helped me so much. I feel lucky she is so close to me.

“I highly recommend anyone who is seeking alternative medicine contact Dr. Bhutti. Not only are the supplements very effective but most importantly she is a truly kind and compassionate person, which is the most important element to healing. In late summer I was diagnosed with stage 1 B1 cervical cancer, shortly after having my first biopsy I met with Dr. Bhutti for the first time. Just one month from taking the supplements I had relief, energy and a sense of well being. Around one and half months of taking the supplements I could no longer feel the pressure and discomfort from the tumor in my cervix. Around this same time I had a second biopsy performed (cone biopsy) and received results that revealed that the surrounding tissues were healthy pink and glistening. The supplements shrunk the size and depth of the tumor allowing for its complete removal. Her supplements have also protected my lymph nodes and organs from invasive cancer and has made chemotherapy bearable. I owe my well being to Dr. Bhutti . Please seek her advice in all matters of health , I couldn’t express in words how much she has helped me. My son has a mother thanks to her. Thank you Dr. Bhutti, Lauren L. B.”
~Lauren L., Ashland, NH, USA

“I just started to see Dr. Bhutti. I had a rash for 8 months and tried a number of options before she was able to give me some relief. Instead of dealing with the symptom (rash) she dealt with the root cause. It is not an overnight process. It took several weeks for results, but she said it would take time. I’m grateful that I found her. If Dr. Bhutti is not convenient to your location I would recommend finding a Tibetan doctor in your area.”
~Leonard M., San Francisco, CA, USA

“Known and utilized Dr. Keyzon Bhutti’s services and the little brown chewable pills she prescribes (after listening to your pulses and looking at your tongue) for the past 4-5 years. I went initially to her, after worrying through several colds/flus one long winter. She not only got my immune to respond (I have very few and short colds by now!), but also went on to become my main source for re-balancing my whole organism. I recommend her and her skills in healing very highly, and hope she is around for many years. She’s a lot of compassion and much love for fellow human beings, to give to us all! –PHILIP”
~Philip G., Cambridge, MA, USA

“Dr Bhutti is an extraordinary Dr. She has helped me in many ways over the years. I had trouble with my liver after having shots for Macular degeneration and the herbs relieved the pain immediately. My blood pressure has been stabilized by her medicine. She couldn’t get my blood to move at one point and she recommended I see a chiropractor- sure enough it changed everything and we could work with the stagnate blood… my right shoulder healed and my breath stabilized. I feel like I maintain a level of vitality and good health because of her care. I know she has helped with many serious illness. I find it really helps my meditation practice and my general sense of well being. She is a real treasure and we are lucky she is in Somerville Mass. She is a true Bodhisattva.”
~Joan E., Windham, ME, USA

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“I have been to many ‘alternative’ doctors in the past but after one session with Dr. Bhutti, and less than 3 weeks on an herbal regime, I am feeling better than I have in years! She is clear, direct, focused and kind. I am looking forward to continuing to work with her, despite the fact that it is a 2 hour drive from my home in Maine! She is more than worth it!”
~Nicole W., Cumberland, ME, USA

“I’ve been a patient of Dr Bhutti’s for many years. Any time allergies, overwork or a cold gets me down i go see her and she straightens me out. She’s very good at getting my energy level back up and with it my quality of life. Last year I developed irritable bowel syndrome and she fixed that as well.”
~Robert P., Holbrook, MA, USA

“Dr. Bhutti is wonderful. I’ve been seeing her for only a few months, but already the herbs she prescribed have helped me resolve a condition related to anxiety/stress that was really interfering with my daily well-being. She seems to be very intuitive, skilled and compassionate (as evidenced by her deep commitment to displaced Tibetan elders in India). I’m very grateful to be able to benefit from her expertise!”
~Laura H., Somerville, MA, USA

“Dr. Bhutti has been helping me by treating gynecological issues that my regular doctor would like to solve by invasive surgery. I have also had other health improvements as a result, such as better sleep and stronger immune system. She is a gentle and very experienced practitioner, I would recommend her without hesitation.”
~S.D., Somerville, MA, USA

“I highly recommend Dr. Bhutti. I have been going to Dr. Bhutti for over 15 years now. I had gallstones, which were very painful. I thought I may have to get my gallbladder removed, but I took her supplements and they dissolved the gallstones and I feel great. I take my family to see her. My mother was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. They told me that she had up to two years to live and that was 4 years ago. They said that she was so far along that they couldn’t do any surgery or chemo. I brought her to Dr. Bhutti and she give her herbal supplements and give her hope. The cancer made her breast hard and caused open wounds on the outside of her breast. The Doctors said they would not heal. Not only have her wounds heal, but only taking Dr. Bhutti’s supplements for one month her breast feels softer and she feels better over all. Thank you Dr. Bhutti.”
~Shak W., Boston, MA, USA

“Dr Bhutti has been in our life for the past 8 years. She has helped us as a family to become healtier over the years. Her holistic approach to health offers life changing , long term benefits. Her treatments are not a quick fix and her directions are fundamental to the success of the treatment, but her diagnosis are always right on. She is kind, wholesome and truly compassionate. We are blessed to have found her.”
~V.W., Arlington, MA, USA

“Dr Bhutti has been a really helpful positive source for me. I’ve seen her 3 times and have seen a turnaround in my health and mood problems. I wanted that miracle healing like I read in the other reviews. Actually my healing snuck up on me in a quiet way. For about 3 years I suffered from chronic sneezing and sniffling, usually in the mornings, 10-20 times a day. I love my primary care dr but she just brushed this off as normal , allergies, BS. They said take Flonase. Sorry, not for me!! That’s why I wanted to look into holistic healing. dr Bhutti thought that my sneezing was a ” wind” disorder, too much thinking, anxiety, negativity also connected to this. She asked me about sadness and it hit me- yes I have also struggled with this alongside the physical issues and perhaps the mind body and emotions are very connected! She gave me something for immunity and happiness. Also, I worked with my therapist and EFT tapping practitioner about the sadness. I started feeling better and didn’t really notice it until my 3rd appointment was coming up and I realized my sneezing had really gone down, my life was turning around, good things were happening, I had started working out and making new friends. If you want to try Tibetan herbal healing, especially as an American, I encourage you to try it with an open heart. For me it wasn’t a quick miracle fix but a slow turnaround and I am very thankful. REGARDING LANGUAGE BARRIER, simply slow down, calm down, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. She is an old Tibetan woman but I promise you she’s a gem in this world. I asked her what was in the crunchies as I call them and she explained it to me. Dr Bhutti is a very good woman and also speaks with her heart so listen with your heart. REGARDING THE CRUNCHIES-they are bitter tasting. REGARDING HOLISTIC APPROACH , especially dealing with mood related , wind disorder: it really worked for me to take the crunchies and also take her advice, also working with my therapist and EFT tapping. Also strength building exercise. You can get there !!!”
~Hannah H., Harrisonburg, VA, USA

“My dad had been experiencing a terribly itchy and invasive rash on his leg for over ten years. When it first started, he went to see a dermatologist who suggested an ointment – but nothing happened. Then he went to see another, again, they suggested an ointment – nothing. So began his journey, seeing all kinds of skin doctors and medical professionals, he’s even had the area cultured and different types of creams and pills suggested but nothing worked. Over time the rash got worse, spreading up his ankle and getting darker. He tried non-traditional methods like creams from whole foods and even used a hair relaxer to try and burn the skin, but still nothing. After ten years of itching and dark patchy skin on his leg, we went to see Dr. Bhutti, who suggested a simple home remedy. Within three days his itch went away. We called it magic–she was able to figure out something in one visit with minimal examination that many other doctors couldn’t. His leg continues to improve today! We’re seeing her now for my mom’s health and have complete faith in her abilities. Highly suggest!”
~Sadia M., Queens, NY, USA

“Dr. Bhutti’s approach is holistic. I have had very positive results with regard to thyroid, insomnia fatigue and general health. Over the last couple months I have been able to get off my thyroid medication and eyedrops for chronic dry eye. My thyroid test results show a marked decrease from 7.0 to 0.6, which is low normal. The dizziness is gone, but mostly my energy levels have shot up and I feel 20 years younger. I am up and about all day without any signs of fatigue. The herbal supplements basically take care of any imbalances I need to balance out. I have taken vitamins daily for years and have not needed them over the last few months. If you want to get off prescription medication, try the supplements along with the medication, get tested and you’ll see the difference. Then slowly taper off the medication. I’m writing this review to spread the message about this wonderful modality that we have in Somerville that could help with a myriad of issues, inexpensively and effectively. Riz M.”
~Riz M., Watertown, MA, USA

“My husband was diagnosed with stage 3 cirrhosis of the liver, tumor in his kidney & the recommendations by specialist were not positive. Within a couple of weeks of her amazing herbs, his health started to improve. He also has asthma since he has 5 years old & since coming to see her, he has not needed his meds nor has had any signs of asthma. This is how much of an impact she has made in my husbands health! Since July his health has improved so much that I recommend this place to everyone.”
~Yajaira M., Lynn, MA, USA

“What a difference being on these supplements have made to my arthritis and hot flashes. I feel much more stabilized. I went in pretty skeptical but now am a believer.”
~Renee B., Bedford, MA, USA

“Wonderful healing place. Recommend highly. Dr Bhutti is able to help you with your complex medical concerns using herbs and minerals. I have improved greatly since coming here.”
~Pamela F., Auburn, MA, USA

“I believe in holistic medicine. When my primary care physician, Dr. Ming Tat Wong, retired from his medical, chinese herb, and acupuncture practice – I was so lucky to find Dr. Bhutti. She was a worthy replacement. No matter what the issue, she restored my vitality. When I got worn down from consulting trips overseas, she restored my vigor. When my digestion was off, my sleep cycles were out of whack, and I was suffering from fatigue she corrected it with those little chewable tibetan herbal pills. When I got lyme disease and had to take a particular antibiotic which gave me ulcerative colitis — she fixed it. Recently, for the first time in 4 years I went to a regular western physician for a physical — at 62 – blood pressure 115/64, resting heart rate 64, cholesterol perfect, lab results all in normal or better than normal range. The Doc asked me, What pharmacy I preferred and what medications I had been on? None, I said. Here’s the greatest thing Dr. Bhutti ever did for my family. My mom got diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at 84 by her neurologist. She needed home care. I took care of her for several years while working full time. My mom started punching me, and the aids I hired to help her, and was well, mean and ornery. I took her to Dr. Bhutti – who took her pulses, looked at her tongue and examined her. Dr. Bhutti said, Vanda has too much ‘Wind’ in her mind. If we bring down the wind she will be calm and more herself, and her mind may come back. My mom took the pills. She became her old sweet self and most of her mental abilities returned for the last three years of her life. She knew who everyone was, and enjoyed the visits from her extended family. It was a gift. I am still amazed at what Dr. Bhutti did for my mom. Thanks Dr. Bhutti. If you have issues your not getting help with from Western Medicine go see Dr. Bhutti. Best decision I ever made.”
~Steve C., Leominster, MA, USA

“Dr. Bhutti is a treasure. She cured my husband of serious kidney disease. She helped me control menopause hot flashes and insomnia, and has drastically reduced psoriasis that I have for 45 years. Her ability to diagnose what is going on in the body in minute detail is nothing short of incredible. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”
~Lydia S., Cambridge, MA, USA

“Being a huge believer in alternative medicine and therapy, my friend recommended that I go see Dr. Bhutti. Though most of the alternative therapies I’ve tried are bodywork oriented, rolfing, cranial-sacral, etc. I was familiar with herbal medicine from numerous acupuncture treatments. Instead of having to boil herbs, stink up my kitchen, and chug earthy teas. Dr. Bhutti’s herbs come in a pill form, and though they might be a little bitter and sour, chewing makes them go down easier than swallowing. On a bi-monthly basis (every two weeks) I pop in for a half-hour visit. She reads my pulses and asks me how I am and how I feel in her Tibetan accent and make a diagnosis. Often declaring how I feel before I even tell her, Its definitely a little off the beaten track and Dr. Bhutti is no nonsense, not for those looking for mysticism or the coming of the new age. But after going to her for the last couple of months my digestion and sleeping patterns have really mellowed out and so have my aches and pains. If you’re looking for a good herbalist and a good Tibetan Buddhist doctor go, Dr. Bhutti is the one to see.”
~Jane M., Honolulu, HI, USA

“I am a believer in alternative medicine, but not a fanatic. When I have a physical or emotional problem I try first alternative medicine, and if the remedy does not work I switch to regular medicine, knowing that regular medicine carries a lot of side effects. Anyway, I went to Dr Bhutti for a chronic sinus infection and after two weeks of fever and respiratory problems that did not want to go away. She was strongly recommended to me by three friends, after I had started panicking since I was getting worst and worst. In 48 hrs I was back on my feet, fever finally gone, and after few days my nose was totally clean. I do not know the connection but in few days also my skin looked much better: tight and bright and I eat much less than before since I have no more craving. I am steadily losing weigh; although I did not mention my craving/weight problem to Dr. Bhutti at all. I think there is a re-balance in my total health. So, yes I strongly suggest Dr. Bhutti to anyone wants to improve its health. She has been studying, teaching and practicing Tibetan Medicine since 1960 and she worked for the Dalai Lama for many years. Finally, her prices are more than honest and fair. Ciao.”
~Fabrizia T., Medford, MA, USA

“I have had such a wonderful experience with Dr. Bhutti. I have multiple health issues that I’m working on and I see a large improvement. She is such a caring person and very concerned about her patients. Dr. Bhutti is extremely knowledgable and experienced and I feel so lucky to have such an incredible resource to Tibetan medicine in the U.S.”
~Julie Kaye

“Tibetan herbal healers are so human focused. I remember how right in the middle of my treatments I run out of money. Dr Bhutti told me “don’t worry about the money, please don’t miss any appointment, I will treat you for free until you get back on your feet”. I started crying… She prayed and sent me home with my full prescription.”
~Tina Patch

“They told me pancreatic cancer was incurable. It only took her five weeks to Cure me. American doctors are also not able to treat or reverse kidney disease. She was also able to treat that. I had a broken bone in my hand which was not healing and was very painful and she was also able to take care of that in only days. The list of benefits is just too long!!”
~Mark Caristi

“Dr Bhutti is amazing. She has helped me so much. I feel lucky she is so close to me.”
~Renee Bochman

“Dr. Bhutti helped my Hashimoto’s disease to go into remission, present but not active.”
~Duffer Kinney