A special blend, prepared by Dr. Keyzom Bhutti.
The oil is very effective against stress and strain, reduces excess body fat, and improves blood circulation. It also is helpful for sound sleep, since it promotes relaxation and the free flow of energies. This oil is balancing in the condition where there are unbalanced physical & mental energies, and improves memory.

This preparation is very useful for a variety of illnesses where there are blockages in energy, including arthritis, rheumatic conditions, strains, chronic pain and fatigue. The Tibetan practitioner, in conjunction, also uses it with their extensive pharmacopoeia for more severe illnesses.

Sunflower oil
Smaller Cardamon
Greater Cardamon
Red sandalwood
White sandalwood
Chebulic myrobalan
Beleric myrobalan
Emblic myrobalan
Iris germanica
Hog plum
White sedum
Galangale/Ginger lily

Tibetan Healing Massage Oil

Heart-leaved moonseed
Costus root
Black eaglewood
White eaglewood
Picrorrhiza grass
Malabar nut tree
Indian gentian
Nepalese gentian
Blue-thorned poppy
Brown sedum

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