The Tibetan Science of Healing – “Sopa Rig” in Tibetan – has been taught and practiced throughout Central Asia for at least 1100 years. Elements of Indian, Chinese and Greek medical traditions are integrated with Tibetan practices in a Coherent and powerful system. Today it continues to be practiced in Tibet, India, Nepal, Bhutan and Mongolia and is spreading to North America and Europe. This is an effective and natural method of improving physical and mental health.
Causes of Health & Illness: Physical and mental health require a balanced circulation of three energies -Bile, Phlegm and vital wind – through the channels, organs, tissues and coordinating centers of the body. When these energies are out of balance or impeded in their flow, illness results. The cause of energetic imbalance and blockage include poor diet, emotional shock or trauma, fatigue, tension, over-work, exposure to bad weather, and micro-organisms.

The balance and flow of the energy system are assessed by feeling six pulse on each wrist, visual examination of urine samples, and questioning. Herbal-mineral supplements are given to correct any imbalances that are found and to remove impediments to energetic flow. Recommendations for changing diet are also given. In some cases moxibustion is used to aid circulation. Together these methods work to optimize the energetics of the body and mind, enabling them to heal themselves.

Tibetan Herbal Supplements are combined according to classical formulas to balance out all except for a single potency aimed at correcting a specific type of energy imbalance.

Tibetan Herbal Healing Massage Oil is prepared by Dr. Amjee Keyzom Bhutti from different medicinal herbs and oils according to the ancient Tibetan science of healing. Instantly relieves Arthritis pain. Balances physical and mental energies, promotes relaxation and free flow of energies, relieves stress and accumulated toxicity. Also helps to improve memory.

Dietary and lifestyle recommendations are also given to aid in correcting the balance and flow of energies.

Dr. Amjee Keyzom Bhutti is available to provide consultations outside Boston, including abroad. If you are interested in having her speak or provide medical treatment outside of Boston, please contact her at:

doctor@tibetanherbalhealing.com   or (617)718-9131.