His Holiness Dalai Lama and Dr. Bhutti
The Tibetan Medicine practice of Tibetan Doctor Amjee Keyzom Bhutti, Somerville, MA USA

The Tibetan Science of Healing – “Sopa Rig” in Tibetan – has been taught and practiced throughout Central Asia for at least 1100 years. Elements of Indian, Chinese and Greek medical traditions are integrated with Tibetan practices in a Coherent and powerful system. Today it continues to be practiced in Tibet, India, Nepal, Bhutan and Mongolia and is spreading to North America and Europe. This is an effective and natural method of improving physical and mental health.
Traditional diagnostic methods are used to evaluate health conditions. Herbal supplements are given to correct any imbalances that are found and to remove impediments to energetic flow. Tibetan Herbal Supplements are combined according to classical formulas. Dietary and lifestyle recommendations are also given to aid in correcting the balance and flow of energies.
Laura McMasterLaura McMaster
01:21 28 Dec 23
I came to doctor Bhutti with a blockage in my heart and heart diseaseAnd my situation was bleak. I had Many other life threatening health issues. My vitamin D and iron levels and all my other crucial minerals were low or non existent and I was slowly dying. After two months on doctor Bhuttis herbs, My cardiologist was astounded to find during scans that my blockage in my heart was removed and my heart showed excellent circulation. Doctor Bhutti also made all my arthritis pain go away and my torn meniscus does not bother me at work any more.She has also helped me with gastrointestinal issues, and improved my mood and energy. I am more confident and do not suffer from depression or anxiety any longer. My appetite has improved and my digestion and my hair, skin and nails are strong and clear.What’s amazing is how fast her treatment worked. Much of it was immediate but over weeks the transformation was even more significant. My doctors were amazed to find all my vitamin and blood levels had improved to normal levels and I went from slowly dying to being very strong.Doctor Bhutti has been very accommodating and fair when I needed to return to change doses or add new things to the mix. She has also helped my husband immensely and cured his cancer and saved his life from a deadly type of Covid and allowed him to return to work after being disabled by a strong strain of Covid . His cancer also caused kidney disease and she was able to cure that completely so he never had a shortened life or dialysis. She quickly not only removed the kidney disease but was able to reverse necrotic tissue and leave himWith a permanent recovery.He has also found that when he is on her supplements he either never gets sick or Covid is very mild and passes in a day or so and he is able to function fine. The same is true with the flu.We are indebted to doctor Bhutti for saving us dozens of thousands of dollars in medical bills and suffering. Her prices are also affordable because in the Himalayas, medicine is considered a form of wealth owned by the public.
Annette DavisAnnette Davis
15:35 30 Nov 23
Dr. Bhutti is amazing. Friendly, kind, and does magic with her herbs. I had intense knee pain for months that went away in a few short weeks after taking her herbs. I would highly recommend her!
Gabriella StedileGabriella Stedile
16:04 23 Nov 23
I met dr Butthi, several months ago. I had some chronic problems that needed to be addressed. I was immediately taken by her warm welcome, her ability to hear what I was saying even if there was a language barrier. She worked with me for several months changing the therapy adjusting it and even spontaneously calling me to see how I was feeling.The remedies that she suggested worked very well, not only they help managing the chronic symptoms but they worked at a deeper level. Consequently I am now more energetic , alive, with a sense of well being. A true holistic healing!With my deepest gratitude I highly recommend her.
Lindsay HaugLindsay Haug
16:14 09 Nov 23
Dr. Bhutti has helped resolve stomach and sleep issues that I have been struggling with for over 9 years. I never thought that I was going to get relief, but then I started working with Dr. Bhutti and I started to feel instantly relief. She truly is such a special person and doctor, and would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone.
Rosemarie DahlstedtRosemarie Dahlstedt
21:43 22 Aug 23
Dr. Bhutti has been so dedicated in improving the quality of my life. I suffer from chronic pain, fatigue, and GI complications. The supplements that Dr. Bhutti has given me have helped greatly. Less fatigue, less inflammation, and my stomach isn't hurting like it used to. I'm trusting the process, and I know I'm in good hands.
megh rogersmegh rogers
14:17 13 Jan 23
I came to Dr. Bhutti in search of someone to help me heal my chronic wounds on my ankle that would not heal on their own. I had seen a lot of doctors and dermatologists before her. They would wrap up my leg and give me medicine to heal me up, put over time the wounds would reopen. Once, a doctor would even tell me that my injury would never fully go away. Feeling helpless, I did my research and looked for a healer instead. I saw that the reviews were good here, and took my chances and went. I am so glad that I did. I was a bit skeptical at first. When she took her first glance at my leg she told me that she could help me, but it would take many months, and to be patient. I knew that was true, so I wasn't discouraged. The medicine she provides are made from herbs. She gave me crunchy pellets that ultimately detoxes my body from inflammation, which was mainly coming from the infection. She even gave me special herbal powder that she made herself to put on my wounds to draw out the infection and dry it up-- and it's working. It's been a little bit under 5 months since I've been in her care, and while the healing process has been slow, there is a difference. The wounds are disappearing, and the swelling is gone. Dr. Bhutti is very special, she's like a mother. She cares about her patients as people and will do everything in her power to heal them. I am so thankful to have found her.
Glen ChiacchieriGlen Chiacchieri
17:58 01 Nov 22
Tibetan Medicine is the only thing that worked for me! For the past couple years I've had intense chronic pain, digestion issues, fatigue, headaches, and constipation that were so bad I couldn't work and sometimes could barely walk around the neighborhood.I've tried tons of things for these issues — blood tests, urine tests, endoscopy, colonoscopy, probiotics, ayurvedic herbs, supplements, yoga, acupuncture, psychotherapy, meditation. All the medical tests I did came up negative, and nothing else I tried had the immediate and profound effects that Tibetan medicine did for me.When I took the herbs Amchi (meaning Tibetan doctor) Bhutti gave me, my digestion started working so much better, I felt a lot better, and I gained almost 10 pounds in the first month. Recently I was able to eat pizza again for the first time in years without feeling absolutely terrible after. 🤯I am in such debt to Amchi Bhutti. She is so compassionate and has skillfully stuck with me despite my being unemployed and not having much money to give her. She is truly in the profession to serve her patients. Sometimes it can be a little hard to understand what she says because of her Tibetan accent, but that hasn''t been a major issue. And though her office is small and a little dingy, she is actually incredibly qualified, a senior doctor in Tibet.My advice for anyone reading this — try Tibetan medicine! I've found it extremely effective yet also gentle — I've never felt any negative side effects from any of the herbs I've been prescribed and it's the only thing that has significantly helped my chronic health issues.I'd also recommend sticking with it. Initially when I tried Tibetan medicine I felt a little better but many issues were still there so I stopped taking the herbs, not realizing that Tibetan medicine works at a slower pace, gently correcting imbalances that have been created over the course of years and sometimes decades. I guess from my Western upbringing I assumed that healing could only happen instantly or not at all. How pleasantly surprised I am to know that I'm wrong, that slow healing is possible, and that Tibetan medicine can help.
Cymbelene NardoCymbelene Nardo
16:02 12 Sep 22
Dr. Keyzum Bhutti helped tremendously in my husband's prostate cancer. One year ago we went to Dr. Bhutti to see if she can help my husband's condition. My husband religiously took the herbal supplements she prescribed. After one year of taking the supplements with no other prescribed medication from his Urologist, my husband's prostate biopsy showed no cancer cells.
ADC CambridgeADC Cambridge
19:13 05 Aug 22
Dr.Bhutti is amazing, she takes her time gets to know you and is so intuitive. I honestly may never trust any other Dr. again like I do her. Last year I was suffering from irregular mensural cycle and she healed me in 2 weeks . I went to see her again recently bc it had been a year since our last visit and again she made me feel comfortable and like i was in safe hands. Her office is just as bright as her personality and looks as pure as her heart. Always a pleasure.
Julie KayeJulie Kaye
12:05 09 Jul 21
I have had such a wonderful experience with Dr. Bhutti. I have multiple health issues that I'm working on and I see a large improvement. She is such a caring person and very concerned about her patients. Dr. Bhutti is extremely knowledgable and experienced and I feel so lucky to have such an incredible resource to Tibetan medicine in the U.S.
Duffer KinneyDuffer Kinney
17:55 12 Sep 19
Dr. Bhutto helped my Hashimoto's disease to go into remission, present but not active.
Tina PatchTina Patch
12:54 28 Aug 19
Tibetan herbal healers are so human focused. I remember how right in the middle of my treatments I run out of money. Dr Bhutti told me "don't worry about the money, please don't miss any appointment, I will treat you for free until you get back on your feet". I started crying... She prayed and sent me home with my full prescription. 🙏🏽
mark caristimark caristi
21:26 21 Nov 18
They told me pancreatic cancer was incurable. It only took her five weeks to Cure me. American doctors are also not able to treat or reverse kidney disease. She was also able to treat that. I had a broken bone in my hand which was not healing for an entire month and was very painful and she was also able to make it heal up immediately as soon as she came back from India. The list of benefits is just too long. Over the years many times I got new tumors and issues fromPesticides in the past and she removed all of them and then made me so healthy I never got tumors or cancers again. I’ve been free of cancers for half my life now and very strong.Very importantly, I also had covid very badly while she was gone in india. I was disabled with long covid and unable to work, and suffering immensely. As soon as she came back from india she mailed me supplements and my covid was gone and I was back to work and no longer disabled.Doctor bhutti is highly regarded in Tibet and India and Nepal and despite her humble stature, she is actually a renown scholar and doctor and teacher and contributor to medical universities. She is the best of the best. . Her reputation is impeccable and she graduated top of her class.
Renée MurphyRenée Murphy
14:36 17 Mar 18
Dr Bhutti is amazing. She has helped me so much. I feel lucky she is so close to me.

Dr. Amjee Keyzom Bhutti is available to provide consultations outside Boston, including abroad. If you are interested in having her speak or provide medical treatment outside of Boston, please contact her at:

doctor@tibetanherbalhealing.com   or (617)718-9131.