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Patient Testimonials for Dr. Keyzom Bhutti

My friends look at me and say "You've lost weight." I reply "No, I haven't lost weight: I look better because I'm going to this Tibetan doctor and the healing oil and the massages have not only helped my painful arthritis, but have cured a lot of other stuff. Thank you for giving me back my active life."
~ Billie Lawrence MA, USA
"I have had the good fortune of receiving medical treatment from the doctor and can report that both the Tibetan system and her expert practice were highly beneficial and effective. In the practice of Tibetan medicine, she employs massage oils and massages for therapeutic purposes. A family member of the patient usually does the massage practice itself. The use of the therapeutic massage and her special oils prescribed are new to me and may be new to people in the West. We think the Western world will benefit greatly from Tibetan medicine, Dr. Bhutti, and the therapeutic massage oils."
~James Forte MA, USA
"Dr. Keyzom Bhutti's massage oil is most effective in curing all aches and pains. Its healing effect is truly remarkable."
~Chris Walter, MA, USA

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